Wednesday, November 09, 2005

TortoiseCVS tutorial

I have used TortoiseCVS and find it is what I want. So I write a tutorial for it.

TortoiseCVS tutorial v.1.1 (used in local PC i.e. without remote server):
(1) Download TortoiseCVS from and install.

// Make local repository
(2) Right click on the fold you want to be a CVS fold(i.e. a repository) .
(3) Choose" Make new module".
(4) Choose protocal"Locally mounted folder(:local:)".
(5) Type in the fold name you want in "Repository folder" like"E:\example" and click "OK".
(6) There will be a pop-up and click "OK".

// Add file to sandbox
(7) Right click the file and choose "CVS add...".

// Commit the file to Local Repository
(8) Right click the file and choose "CVS Commit...".

// one file revert to an old version
(9) Right click the Unmodified file and choose "CVS"->"History...".
(10) Right click on the version you want to revert and choose "Save the revision as".
(11) When the Save As dialog appears, double-click on the file's name in the directory listing.
(12) Choose " replace the file" .

// One folder(project) revert to an old version
(13) Add tag to a folder (you can add tag to a file too).
Right click on a folder and choose "CVS"->"Tag".
Read the note below and give a Tag name.
(14) Revert to an old version.
Right click on the folder and choose "CVS"->"Checkout"
On "Module" tab, choose your "Repository folder" and click "Fetch list".
Then choose the module you want to checkout.
On "Revision" tab, choose "choose branch or tag". You may "update list"
and choose the name.
On "Options" tab, you may choose the method to generate the fold.